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Being healthy doesn't have to be complicated

But it is more than just going to the gym!

Are you stuck in a rut with your health?

You may have tried all the "diets" and fitness programs and found they work for a while but you always end up falling off the wagon and back at where you started.

Confused about how to be healthy?

There are so many "latest fitness trends" that all seem to contradict each other, many of which are not backed by science and facts.

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, in a realistic way?

Not everyone wants to be a ripped gym bunny!  Some of us just want to get fit and healthy in a way that's easy to follow ,and more importantly in a way that's simple to keep up.

kelvin bremner

Being healthy seems so complicated these days, but it really doesn't need to be!  We just need to look at all three areas of our health, Nutrition, Body and Mind by...

  • making sustainable changes to our diet. That doesn't mean "go on a fad diet"!
  • increasing our activity levels, not necessarily in the gym.
  • paying attention our mental well-being.


Trilogy of Health diagram

Balancing the Trilogy of Nutrition, Body and Mind doesn't mean going on a fad diet or giving up your favourite foods, it can be done in a realistic and sustainable way.


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