Helping busy professionals drop
15-20lbs of body fat, boost body confidence

& reignite energy
in 90 days,

with the Lean & Limitless Challenge System.

why I do it

Kelvin Bremner - Personal Coach

My name is Kelvin and I help people transform their health. I've been through the same struggles many of you are facing now. I was 4 Stone over weight and had no motivation to do anything "healthy" at all!

Before I turned my physical health around I ended up in hospital. I thought I was "fixed" when I lost the weight but soon ended up in counselling as I had neglected my mental health.

From these experiences, Nutrition Boy Mind and The Peak Shape Project was born. Read more about this here >>

What we do

The Peak Shape Project

I help driven professionals radically transform their health, happiness and productivity. Lose 15-20lbs while reigniting your energy and confidence in 90 days using our Lean & Limitless Challenge System.

My Personal Coaching Program - The Peak Shape Project will transform you and the way you look at health and fitness.

Don't like the gym? We have you covered. Getting fit doesn't mean doing stuff you hate!



We start with your nutrition. What you eat affects your whole being. Mood, energy and weight are all ruled by your nutritional intake.


If you like the gym, great. If you don't, then don't go! We find what you do like so you repeat it, ten build your nutrition around this.


Losing weight is never really about diet and exercise. Your mindset and mental well-being is usually the barrier to change. So let's work on this!

Success Stories

I've helped 100's of people lose weight and radically increase their energy and confidence, without the need for diets and exercise they hate. 

These busy professionals and business owners have all managed this despite their packed schedules and family responsibilities. 

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