How to Set Kick-Ass Health Goals & Smash Them In The First Quarter of 2023!

Start the year with a bang and achieve more than ever in 2023.

Friday 30th December 7pm


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How to set kick-ass health goals & smash them in the first 90 days of 2023!

Free Live Workshop - December 30th at 8pm.

Are you ready to make that wish list of pointless resolutions for the new year?

How did last years go?

Have you achieved what you wanted in 2022 or did your health and lifestyle goals become yet another long-forgotten wish list?

Because that's what most new year resolutions are, a wish list with good intentions that last a few weeks at best.

You know how it goes...

You start off well, then life takes over and you don't do what you promised yourself for a day or two, which turns into a week or two.

Then you think what's the point I've messed up already...

So you hit the fuck it button and it all goes out the window.

Sound familiar?

Well, 2023 doesn't have to be that way! You can set these goals and you can achieve them!

You just have two major problems.

#1. You're setting the wrong type of goals.

#2. You don't know how to create the right roadmap to lead you to your goals.

Conventional goal setting is based on making smart objectives, which is great and has its place within the process. But its not effective enough when emotions, feelings and daily struggles and long-term unwanted habits come into play.

You need to go deeper and you need to think about it completely differently.

For example:

if you want to lose weight, having weight loss as your goal is probably the worst thing you can do.

Sounds strange right? Hear me out.

Its like a skier charging down a mountain and skiing between the trees.

The advice is to never look at the trees! If you look at the tree, you will hit the tree.

Instead, you aim for the gaps and as a result, you don't hit a tree.

So the goal is not to avoid the trees.

The goal is to hit all the gaps. Skiing through the gaps is amazing fun and makes the skier feel happy, pumped up and love life, which is what they really want.

The by-product of hitting the gaps and feeling those positive emotions is they don't hit the trees.

If you can set goals and make changes that make you...

>> feel healthier
>> feel more energetic
>> feel happier every day
>> potentially extend your life by years so you can enjoy being around loved ones for longer

and as a by-product you...

>> lose weight
>> get fitter
>> need to buy new sharp & sexy clothes

you're really winning!

That beats losing a stone by going on some miserable juicing diet and pretending you're happy! Only to end up back where you started in a few weeks or months!

You just need to be shown how to look past the trees and set goals that are deeper and often easier to achieve and give better results.

But you can go even deeper than this too. You can make another shift in thinking that takes your goals and achievements to another level.

Like petrol on a fire, this next step will ignite your results and make you realise that you need to think of more goals because the ones you originally set are now too low.

What is this next step?

I'll show you on the night!

In this workshop, I will be walking you through the step-by-step process of setting goals that will be achieved and will change your life for the better.

However, this only works for action-takers.

>> there is no magic pill
>> no easy route
>> no quick fix

you have to be willing to go away and act on what you learn.

If this is you if you really want to make life-lasting changes that will benefit you and those around you...

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See you there! - Kelvin