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Group Challenge Starts on Thursday 25th October 

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Is "Dieting" Getting You Down, Like It Did Me?

Losing weight is just so hard for some people. I get that, I've been there myself.

I was around 4 stone heavier that I am now. I struggled for years, I know how it goes! 

  • You get some success with one "diet" or another, only to put the weight back on once you finish it.
  • You do really well in the week, then the weekend comes and you blow it, despite your best intentions.
  • The thought of "going on a diet" yet again just fills you with dread.
  • No matter what you try, you just can't keep the lbs off.

Especially if you like your Bread, Pasta, Cakes, Wine & Cheese, you know, the fun stuff!

The thought of giving these up or cutting out carbs or going on a smoothie diet, sounds about as much fun as a poke in the eye!

Stuck in a cycle of losing weight, then putting it back on, you get more and more frustrated with the whole situation.

So much so that you just think "what's the point" and all motivation goes out the window!

The longer this goes on, the worse the situation gets.

Health implications aside, the effect on your mental well-being is present constantly.

Confidence drops, motivation evaporates, feelings of self-worth go through the floor. 

Then you hit what I called "the fuck it button".

For a short while you just give up trying and go for the "I don't actually care anymore" attitude. 

Only you do care really, we all do! 

The feelings of complete failure, sadness, self-loathing and despair creep back in. 

This is when we get a boost of motivation and supposed will power. 

And it all starts again! 

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, read on.

I'm Kelvin Bremner, a Nutrition & Fitness Coach based in Edinburgh.

I've been where many of you are now, as you can see from the photos below! At around 4 stone heavier than I sit now, I was on a one-way road to serious health issues. In fact, I had various trips to the hospital, all with problems caused by my diet and lifestyle.

Years later, I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. From running ultra marathons and surfing to climbing mountains, the change is something I never thought could happen,.

The decision to then start working in Nutrition & Fitness was an easy one. It took me years to lose my weight, it didn't need to! 

I coach mainly 121 online and can only handle a small number of clients at a time. So I have put this 60 day challenge together so I can help more people make get the results they want.

There's no way I'm giving up my pizza, wine and ice-cream, neither should you! Let me show you how.

Kelvin Bremner Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Fat Loss Forever - The 60 Day Group Challenge

The Fat Loss Forever - 60 Day Challenge is a "Nutrition First" fat loss program that guides you through the process of losing body fat and improving your overall health.

WITHOUT giving up your favourite foods OR stepping foot in a gym!

  • Stop The Endless Yo Yo 'ing With Your Weight
  • No More Guilt For Eating Food You Enjoy
  • No More Hunger During Silly Fad Diets
  • No Forced Exercise That You Hate
  • No More Slimming Club Subscriptions
  • Lose Up To 16 lbs in 60 days
  • Continue This Process At No Extra Cost
  • All While Eating Your Favourite Foods
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Improve Your Immune System

This is no fad diet, it's not a highly restricted calorie diet, and it's definitely not a get shredded plan either!

The Fat Loss Forever - 60 Day Challenge shows you how to gain control of your weight while eating and drinking all your favourite foods. You eat what you like while learning what your body needs and finding the balance you need to stay at you desired weight. 

There are over 120 recipes with MyFitnessPal Bar Codes so you can scan and track your calories INSTANTLY.  

We never stay exactly the same weight, I mean Christmas and Holidays wouldn't be much fun if we didn't put on the odd pound or two right? The difference now is that after you have completed the challenge, you will be able to control your weight as and when you want to. Without "going on a diet". 

How The Challenge Works


You will be set your own personalised Calorie & Protein targets based on your current activity levels, age, weight etc.

Exercise & Activity

You will be set minimum daily activity targets. Starting with as little as 30 minutes per day walking. You then choose your own exercise on top of your daily activity. HIIT/ home workouts included, but you can do anything you want. Hike, swim, run, the choices really is yours!

Why do you choose? Because exercise is exercise, and you have to choose something you will enjoy and carry on with after the challenge, not just lift weights because I told you to!


You eat whatever you like, while staying within your calorie & protein targets. This is all logged using MyFitnessPal. There are videos included that show you have to get set up and easily log your food.  

You will receive weekly recipe packs that have MyFitnessPal bar codes that you can scan and all the information on calories & protein will INSTANTLY be logged in your account. SIMPLE

Each pack has an sample meal plan with a shopping list, as an example of what you can do in the week. 


Each week you get a lesson on Nutrition & Weight Management that will leave you with the knowledge to eat what you want and stay in tune with your body and its needs.

There's no point just doing what I tell you, only to go back to square one when the challenge is over. 


Weekly Guides & Resources

Each week you will receive a different guide or resource to keep. These include;

Importance of Sleep | Portion Control | Alcohol | Meal Prep | Fats 101 | Carbs 101 | Protein 101

Weekly Self Check in

Each week you will be asked to sit down and answer some simple questions. These will assess your progress, identify any potential obstacles, and plan your actions that will prevent those obstacles getting in the way of your progress!

Tracking & Progress Tools

You are provided with daily and weekly tracking sheets. These take minutes to fill out, BUT have a huge impact on how you progress. Not just to motivate you when things are going great, but also to identify what may be causing you problems and to get you past them.

Community & Support

The Facebook Group is full of people with very similar struggles and is a place to connect and support each other. I am there to answer questions, either just through regular posts or through my videos & live sessions.

Everything is easier & more fun with somebody else involved right? Eating, sex, getting healthy!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you join the Group Challenge, you will receive a welcome email confirming you're signed up and ready to go. In there you'll find a link to my Facebook Group which, if you are not already a member of, you can join and meet our amazing community of people! In here you will get all the support for the challenge and meet others that are either taking part or who have completed it previously.

On day 1 of the challenge (see the date counter above) you'll receive an email with your downloads links to everything you need for week 1. Each week you receive the next phase of the program, followed by a second email a few days later with links to downloads including guides, recipe packs, sample meal plans & shopping lists. 

120+ Recipes - Easy & Delicious

Simple Recipes with MyFitnessPal Bar Codes so you can scan & track your macros & calories instantly!

Learn the Real Facts on Nutrition

Each weeks unit shows you the real facts behind Nutrition & Weight Loss, no Fad Dieting tactics!

Tracking Tools

Monitor your progress with the daily & weekly tracking tools provided. Video guides on MyFitnessPal tracking.

Community & Accountability  

Tackling weight loss is easier with support of others & accountability, our group has that in plenty!

Here’s what people are saying about the challenge

Before and After weightloss
Before and after fatloss

Kelvin Bremner

I'm no gym-bro, far from it. As you can see I don't do 6-packs. You have to be pretty boring to get those.

In fact, I'd rather be running or walking up a hill or surfing than spend hours in the gym. I love my food, beer and wine, and there's nothing I would want to give up.

Why should I? Why should you?

Join me for this challenge and you can reach your goals without compromising on what you like.

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60 Day Group Challenge

Get the results you deserve



  • Personalised Calorie & Macro Calculations  
  • 8 x Weekly Nutritional Units
  • Weekly Recipe Packs with Shopping Lists & MyFitnessPal Bar codes
  • Weekly Nutrition & Health Guides
  • Progress Tracking Tools
  • Facebook Group for Support
  • Live Group coaching sessions

Group Challenge Starts on Thursday 25th October


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I'm so confident that you will be happy with the results that if you're not, I'll give you your money back! Try this online course risk free for 14 days and if you are not happy with it, just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fat can I expect to lose?

Everyone will lose fat at different rates, however our aim is to lose between 0.5lb to 2lb per week. This is shown to to be the optimum rate for sustained fat loss. Remember, we want this to be life lasting, not a crash diet!

Do I need a gym membership?

No, you can do whatever form of exercise in the week you enjoy!

Is this suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes. The standard weekly meal plan examples do contain meat, fish & dairy. However, a Vegan or Vegetarian recipe book is available too. You don't have to eat the recipes suggested, you can eat what you like! The main aim of the challenge is about lifestyle & habit change, not eating what I tell you to.

Do I need special ingredients while on the challenge?

Nope! All the recipes are simple ingredients, easy to cook and can be enjoyed by all the family.

Do I need to join a gym?

Absolutely not! The gym is for getting stronger, not losing weight. You choose your own exercise, something you are likely to enjoy and carry on with after the challenge.

I have a medical condition, can I still do the challenge?

The 60 day challenge is based around simple, healthy and nutritious food along with exercise of your choice that meets your level of fitness. However, we strongly recommend you check with your GP before making any major changes to your diet and exercise.

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Group Challenge Starts on Thursday 22nd October 

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60 Day Group Challenge

Get the results you deserve



  • Personalised Calorie & Macro Calculations  
  • 8 x Weekly Nutritional Units
  • Weekly Recipe Packs with Shopping Lists & MyFitnessPal Bar codes
  • Weekly Nutrition & Health Guides
  • Progress Tracking Tools
  • Facebook Group for Support