Informed Consent

  • I understand that the purpose of working with NBM (Kelvin Bremner) is to help me gain a better understanding of my diet and its role in health and weight management.

    The role of NBM is to develop an appropriate health-supportive/ weight loss program for me, and to monitor my progress in achieving my goals.

    I understand that the purpose of these sessions is not to diagnose or treat disease and these sessions are not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

    I understand that NBM will keep a record of our work together including screening forms, recorded video calls and session notes.

    These will be stored securely and no information either verbal or written will be shared with a third party without my explicit consent.

    I understand that communications and posts I make within public forums and social media, may be re-used within other public forums and social media for promotion and social proof purposes.

    I agree to be honest in all of the information that I provide.

    I understand that working with NBM may involve being weighed and taking body measurements.

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