High Protein Recipe Book 

 52 Easy To Cook - High Protein,  Calorie Controlled Recipes.

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  • 52 delicious, simple to make recipes
  • Nutrition & Macros info worked out for you: calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein
  • Full mix of breakfasts, lunches, dinners & tasty snacks
  • 100% Digital product so you get instant access
  • 2 x Example Meal Plans with Shopping Lists 
  • A Barcode on every recipe so you can scan directly to your MyFitnessPal food diary.
  • No Barcode Scanner? No problem! All recipes are logged in MFP database so you just type in the title and it appears to you can click "ADD"!
  • Track INSTANTLY with MyFitnessPal bar codes for each recipe. Don't have the scanner in your MFP app? No problem, just type the recipe name in MFP and it will appear!
  • Save Time - with 52 delicious, done for you, EASY recipes. All the calories & macros worked out for you.
  • Delicious High Protein Recipes - whether you're "dieting", training, or simply trying to eat well, the benefits of Protein are proven.
  • 100% Digital Product - instant access to download

Limited time offer just £4.99 

RRP £9.99 

Why is Protein so Important?

Protein is essential when you want to lose weight or gain muscle, fact. Without adding extra protein into your diet when trying to lose weight, your body can end up burning muscle as fuel and you don't want that because the fat will stay!

When you're trying to build muscle and strength, you also need to increase protein in your diet so your muscles can repair and effectively grow.

But the problem is, most people struggle finding "easy to cook" meals that are tasty and not just the usual chicken or steak with veg!

This recipe book is just the thing you need. 52 EASY & TASTY recipes suitable for all the family!

As an added BONUS, they all come with MyFitnessPal bar codes so you can simply scan them and instantly track calories, protein, carbs and fats. 

Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Weight Loss:

Protein helps burn fat NOT muscle when "Dieting". In a Calorie Deficit you can burn muscle instead of fat without adequate Protein.

Build - Repair - Maintain: 

Muscles, bones, hair, organs, skin, teeth, ligaments, tendons - they all rely on Protein which helps build and repair these body tissues.


Protein helps build a strong Immune System & assists with important body functions that keep us well and fight diseases.

Helps With Hunger:

With only 4 Calories per gram, and by reducing hunger a signalling hormone ghrelin, Protein can help you feel fuller for longer.

RRP £9.99   

Limited time offer just £4.99

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Nutrition just got EASY!

Each recipe has a MyFitnessPal barcode to scan directly to your food diary. 

scan recipe barcodes


  • Scan each meal directly into your food diary
  • Calories & Macros entered instantly
  • No Barcode Scanner? No problem! Just type the recipe name and it will appear in MyFitnessPal
  • Perfect for tracking calories and macros
  • Instantly takes ALL the time and effort out of food tracking


slow cooker fajitas
quick & easy meatballs
protein fruit bowl
chicken thighs hoisin rice
high protein recipe beef chow mein
pork stir-fry
raspberry protein smoothie

RRP £9.99   

Limited time offer just £4.99

50% off - ENDS SOON

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RRP £9.99   

Limited time offer just £4.99

50% off - ENDS SOON