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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Sarah lost 15lbs

Sarah Cowin 

I'm so pleased with the results, the pictures are amazing!

I never thought I could lose weight by just walking, and I certainly never thought I could lose weight without going on a diet, and feeling like it was really hard and I was punishing myself!

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The Problem With Diets Is They Just Don't Work!

Ok so they can get you results but they don't last!

You start off well and lose a few lbs or more. But to do this you have to give up or restrict your favourite foods or drink which is hard and makes you binge on them when you give in.

You're always hungry before your next meal so you end up snacking or eating larger portions than you should. 

Even if you do manage to reach your weight loss goals you don't know what to do to maintain the losses, because carrying on with the diet forever is not a fun option!

So once you've finished all the weight piles back on. Often more!

Sound familiar?

So how do those who lose the weight and KEEP it off do it?

  • A personalised success plan that's created to suit them and their lifestyle and NOT one size fits all. 
  • Everything they do is with the intention of doing it forever, NOT just for the duration of a diet or plan. So this needs to be enjoyable, realistic and has to fit around their lifestyle. 
  • Accountability that comes in the form of a coach and a community of likeminded people facing the same struggles, and therefore sharing the same answers and successes.

Because guess what...

Getting weighed by Debbie down at the village hall once a week, and disappearing before the AA style circle of shame session begins is NOT coaching OR real support.

When you communicate with a coach and even better, one that has been through the very same weight loss struggles like I have, the first hand advice along with a tailored approach gets you AMAZING results that last!

Just like the ones you will have seen from my past and current clients.

Alexis Malcom |

Getting back onto my old clothes was amazing!

I was worried that I would need to do lots of gym classes and cook difficult meals because I didn't have time for that with the baby. But it was really easy to follow and I just did lots of buggy walks. I never need to do on an actual diet again doing it this way!

Anne martin 

Hand on my hearth this has absolutely changed my life thank you!

sammie before and after

Sammie Grayland |

I was on self destruct!

I didn't need to lose much eight, but I had to sort my diet out as I was on self destruct. I lost over a stone and I love the way my body has changed shape and people keep noticing. It's great!

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  • You will have your nutrition built around your activity, exercise and lifestyle while learning how to feel energized and enjoy your food. No cookie-cutter meal plans in sight, but 100's of tasty and easy to cook recipes that are already loaded into MyFitnessPal for you!
  • 2x Weekly Coaching Calls. One is lesson based addressing the problems people face during the process, with check in and Q&A time afterwards. The other is an open hours call for you to check in with me for support as and when you need to.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group and growing community where you will find more support and priceless training masterclasses.
  • Via our app you will have access to the Video Vault where you will find the coaching videos to guide you through the problems and solutions to reach you goals. Plus all previous recorded coaching calls so you can catch up in your own time when things get busy.
  • On week 5 you will get access to the Program Library where you will find loads more habit and mindset programs. Improve your sleep, Stop Snacking, Hydrate, Mindful Intentions, Guided Meditation and lots more...
  • Plus simple daily accountability and weekly check-ins via the app to keep you on track and get your progress charts and feedback from me and the coaches.

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Sarah jane

I don't feel like I'm on a diet it's great!

I'm back in my smaller jeans and I don't feel like I'm on a diet it's great. I feel in control!

One last thought.

If you've ever yo-yo dieted.

If you've ever wanted to lose weight (and keep it off this time)

If you've ever wanted more energy.

If you've ever wanted to be able to prioritise yourself, your health and your happiness.

If you've ever wished to feel truly confident on holiday or anywhere the clothing gets lighter...

And if today you reached the end of this abnormally long page and still haven't decided to invested just £74.99 (50% OFF + Bonuses) in your body, mindset and confidence (with zero risk included in our RESULTS or your money back no-bull policy) I need to ask...

What will you invest in instead, if not yourself?

You see, our clients tell us that this is the best investment they have ever made in themselves.

It's not just how they look - it's how they feel, the confidence, how they walk in to a room and how proud their friends and family are of them for taking control and making it happen.

You can see it in their results, their smiles and their words throughout this page.

So if you're on the fence and you're once again not putting yourself first I ask you...

What will be prioritised ahead of your goals today?

Join Now And Get 35% OFF for LIFE AND a 1-2-1 Kick-Off Call With Me...

It's RESULTS or your money back...

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

No Contracts, No Risk! Cancel whenever you like no questions asked! Not only that, if you implement everything set out in your programming and don't get results, you will receive a full refund.