Inner Circle Members Questionnaire

  • Be detailed in regards to your activity, (sitting or moving) and how busy your day is with work and home life.
  • Be detailed in regards to your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Get this total from your phone or watch step counter. Be exact, no guessing!
  • Example – Eating too much chocolate/biscuits every evening.
  • Example: I try to start going to the gym every morning but I last about a week or two.

  • Centimetres only

    How active are you at work? Light would be sedentary desk job. Moderate might be teaching, hairdressing, on your feet all day. Heavy is building, warehouse type work, heavy lifting etc.

    How active are you outside of work. Light is up to 3 days a week light exercise. Moderate is 2-5 moderate/hard exercise a week. Heavy is 6-7 days a week hard exercise.

  • Choose from the drop down – 1 is not at all, 10 is extremely motivated.

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