July 15


Is your environment causing you to FAIL?

Design your environment CAREFULLY!

Business, health, nutrition…

they all thrive or fail according to the environment.

For example: if you work from home sitting on the sofa…

sooner or later you get uncomfortable and distracted by the TV, your phone, the magazine on the coffee table.

Before you know it, you’re down a rabbit hole of distractions and your work suffers.

We all know that right?

But, if you set yourself up properly on a table in a room without TV, and create a “work space”…

The difference in output is massive!!!

The fact that you have your “office space” set up as a proper working environment, goes a long way to keeping you on track.

Something we’ve all learned working from home over the last year and a half or so.

Health & Nutrition is no different!

If your weakness is chocolate or biscuits and your cupboard is full of it – YOU WILL FAIL.

“It’s for the kids” … is NOT an excuse to keep it there!

If you don’t have some basic ingredients that can be thrown together to make a simple but healthy “lazy/emergency meal”…

on those days you really can’t be arsed to cook.


Think about your environment at home, at work, anywhere you struggle to control your habits, new or old.

Make your POSITIVE habits EASY, and your NEGATIVE habits HARDER!

There are so many simple changes that can make our success easier to obtain.

What do you struggle with? Tell me below…. 👇

P.S Loving my new office set up!


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