April 8


“It’s an instant failure when you look in the mirror…”

“It’s an instant failure when you look in the mirror as you hate what you see and hate what you know you’ve done to yourself”

These are actual words that were sent to me which are upsetting and shocking in themselves.

But the real sad thing is that his person has been paying a certain slimming club for years!

They are afraid of eating certain foods and even whole food groups for fear of “getting fatter”.

All because of stupid rules placed upon them.

“Am I allowed to eat grapes?” was a serious question.

My answer – You’re allowed to eat whatever you like and enjoy. You just need to have an idea of the nutritional value. 

“I tend to stick to Free Foods as I can eat as many as I like then.” 

This is another misleading “rule” that causes thousands of people to end up confused and stuck in a cycle of “on it, off it” dieting.

The message given is: Eat as many of these foods as they will never make to put on weight.

In fact, the exact wording of the rule set out on the slimming club’s blog is:

“As long as they’re cooked without fat or oil, you can enjoy hundreds of delicious [ENTER SLIMMING CLUBS NAME 🤷‍♀️] Free Foods with absolutely no limits.”

This is just nonsense, and in my opinion, is likely the biggest reason people end up stuck in this cycle.

But hey, slimming clubs’ business model is a membership model, right? 

One of the first things I do with my clients is to challenge all of their beliefs about food. Once you free yourself from the rules that cause anxieties around food it’s very liberating!

You need some basic knowledge, not rules!

I say basic because if you’re speaking with me you’re probably not an elite athlete that needs a strict nutritional protocol.

In actual fact, most people already have the basic knowledge but they have been duped and confused by slimming clubs, magazines, blogs and idiots on the internet trying to stand out from the crowd. 

Once you relax and repair your relationship with food, everything else becomes easier and you can concentrate on enjoying life again and achieving goals that last.

>> Fat loss
>> Increased energy
>> Improved concentration
>> Better mood
>> Fewer anxieties around food 
>> Enjoying cake again, we all love cake! 😁

Is it any wonder people are confused and stuck?

P.S 🖕 Swimming World


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