March 31


Lock down series #2 – Recipe Pack

free healthy recipe pack

Nutrition is going to be key over the next few weeks while we are all on "lock down". Overnight we have all lost our NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). NEAT is basically your day to day activity like walking about at work, climbing the stairs to the office, walking about town shopping.

This activity is responsible for a huge part of our energy expenditure or calorie burning. Far more than any gym workout will burn!

Now we are all confined to staying at home we have lost a huge amount of our movement in a day, so we just need to pay a little more attention to what or how much we eat.

I'll be writing a separate post about Energy Expenditure and Balance in more detail. Right now I just want to give you this free recipe pack to help you out.

If you are already counting calories this recipe pack has bar codes for MyFitnessPal that you can simply scan and the meal will automatically be added to your food diary!

Recipe Pack Contents

  • 12 x recipes including meals, snacks & desserts
  • Shopping lists
  • MyFitnessPal bar codes
  • Calories & Macros worked out for you
  • Example menu plan

Simply fill out the form below and I will send over the recipe pack to you.


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