NBM 8 - Nutrition & Body Transformation. 

Lose Weight & Feal Great in Just 8 Weeks. Keep it off forever!

Simply put - follow this programme and the result will be YOU, eating your FAVOURITE FOODS and CONTROLLING YOUR WEIGHT in any way you want! 

Lose, Gain or Maintain - you'll have the tools to do it all.

No more subscribing to slimming clubs with made up food points and bull shit products!

You know, the ones that as soon as you stop paying for, you can't follow the points properly anymore, so you end up right back where you started. Stop this NOW!

I'm not going to send you to the gym either! You just have to follow my basic daily activity instructions, choose some exercises that YOU enjoy and stick to the nutrition.

It's so simple, you'll think I'm taking the piss!

There's so much bad advice in the health and fitness industry, lets cut through the crap!

free healthy recipe pack
Before and After picture
Before and After weightloss
Before and after fatloss

No "Fad Diets" or "Magic Supplements"

  • Stop The Endless Yo Yo 'ing With Your Weight
  • No More Guilt For Eating Food You Enjoy
  • No More Hunger During Silly Fad Diets
  • No Forced Exercise That You Hate
  • No More Slimming Club Subscriptions
  • Lose Up To 16 lbs in 8 Weeks
  • Continue This At No Extra Cost
  • All While Eating Your Favourite Foods
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Improve Your Immune System

Slimming Clubs & Diet Plans usually hide the simple facts from you to keep you coming back, and filling their pockets!

I know how frustrating it is to work your arse off whether in the gym, at classes or out jogging, and not get the results you want.

Have you ever put in the effort with exercise and eating well for weeks on end, and just not moved any closer to where you want to be?

I also know how soul destroying it is to actually get results with the latest "fat loss diet plan" only to go right back to where I started once it is finished. Keto, Atkins, Low-Carb, Paleo, Clean Eating, C9, Juicing, so many diets!

You might be just starting your journey into getting fit and healthy and want to lose lots of weight.

Or, you might be a seasoned pro at working out and just want to lose a few pounds, the facts and methods are basically the same for both.

Are you following the latest healthy eating advice, reading up in magazines, blogs and following all the latest PT's on Instagram and YouTube?

It just gets confusing with all the new or conflicting advice! You might have even bought one of their "fat shredding meal plans". You know, the ones they just sell to everybody over and over without even adjusting to your needs or even your body size. And they certainly don't follow themselves!

Does any of the above sound familiar? Are you are stuck in a rut, frustrated and feeling down about the lack of progress? The good news is you're not alone, and it can be fixed!

Will NBM Nutrition work for you?

The advice & methods are effective for anyone, especially if you relate to anything below....

Recognise any of these common problems?

  • Are you fed up with Yo Yo dieting?
  • Do you feel low in energy and motivation?
  • Are you struggling to get the fat loss results you want? 
  • Does all the latest Nutrition & Healthy Living advice seem confusing? 
  • Are you fed up with fad diets or paying for slimming club subscriptions?
  • Are you training or exercising already but just not getting the results you deserve?
  • Or, are you amongst the millions that just DO NOT enjoy lifting weights and hitting the gym every day?

Follow this programme and you can EASILY.....

  • Reach & maintain your ideal body weight?
  • Enjoy your favourite food without feeling guilty!
  • Feel energised and confident in your health.  
  • Gain simple & sustainable healthy habits.
  • Give up fad diets, secret formulas, supplements or expensive products.
  • No gym membership required - just a minimum amount of daily activity of your choice. Eg: simply walking, team sports, jogging, it's up to you!
  • Get the only tools and knowledge you will ever need to manage your nutrition for the rest of your life!
  • Learn tasty new recipes with simple ingredients for all the family.

How NBM Nutrition cuts out the bull sh!t, get results & gives you knowledge & tools you can use Whenever, Wherever & Forever!

Following the methods and advice in NBM Nutrition will set you up you with everything you need to eat well, feel healthier, and have the much desired side effects of lowering or maintaining body fat levels. Whats even better is that once you have finished, everything you have been taught and all the tools you have been given can be used over and over again as and when you need to - at no extra cost!

The problem with most "diets" are that they usually get you to follow a specific diet plan. These often only work while you follow their meals and routines, as opposed to addressing your daily eating habits and teaching you how to control your nutrition in a sustainable way.

The issue with most slimming clubs or apps, is that they disguise the methods that work from you by creating food points systems or use made up words like syns. Again, these are fine whilst you pay to use the app, buy the recipe books or even their own food and supplements. But when did you last see these points systems on the back of your favourite chocolate bar or on a pack of carrots?

If they told you the simple facts behind their methods, there would be no need for you to go back and give them any more of your money!

Benefits of the NBM Nutrition Programme

  • Lose body fat & learn how to keep it off - no fad dieting!
  • Feel healthier & more energetic!
  • Never need to pay for a diet plan again!
  • Break old habits & create new healthy ones!
  • Create a whole new relationship with your food & activity!
  • No need to give up your favourite foods, EVER!

What's included in NMB Nutrition?

  • Personalised MACRO/CALORIE calculations
  • Recipe packs with shopping lists and MyFitnessPal bar codes to scan straight into the app
  • Goal setting  planners  
  • Weekly nutrition lessons
  • Resources & handy guides. Examples: alcohol, eating out, sleep, vitamins & supplements
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Minimum Activity of 30 Minutes per day walking


Before and After picture
Before and After weightloss
Before and after fatloss

I did the 8 week plan and the difference was noticeable in no time. I basically learned how to enjoy all my favourite food sensibly, without giving anything up. So far I've lost 2 stone and now I'm just carrying on with it myself. 


I started the 8 week plan after having my baby. I've lost well over a stone and I'm already back in clothes I wore before I was pregnant! Best programme I've done and I'm eating so much better. I won't be going back to slimming world!


Join the NBM Nutrition Programme Today

If you're ready to ditch the endless diets, take control and push your results to the next level by joining the NBM Nutrition Programme, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us. 

8 WEEK Programme

8 Week Transformation Programme



  • Personalised Calorie & Macro Calculations  
  • 8 x Weekly Nutritional Lessons 
  • Weekly Recipe Packs with Shopping Lists & MyFitnessPal Bar codes
  • Weekly Nutrition & Health Guides
  • Progress Tracking Tools
  • Members Only Messenger Group for Support

100% Risk Free for 14 Days!

I'm so confident that you will be happy with the results that if you're not, I'll give you your money back! Try this online course risk free for 14 days and if you are not happy with it, just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.