Seeing as you've found this website, you're obviously looking for a way to improve your health and fitness. I provide online health coaching, helping people make changes that will stick for life. 

This is not a quick fix and I'm not here to help you get ripped! Everything I do is intended to help you live a more simple and healthier way, that fits within your life.

I provide a full range of coaching options to suit different circumstances, that cannot be fully explained on a website. So if you are ready to make changes and want to reach your goals, simply fill out the application form and we can see how best to help you.

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Kelvin Bremner Nutrition and Fitness Coach
  • Are you stuck in a rut with your diet and nutrition?
  • Are you fed up with continual diets, fitness or detox plans ?
  • Are you struggling to lose body fat?
  • Is your health causing you upset and worry?
  • Are you sick of meal plans and diets that are either bland, or full of ridiculous ingredients?


If we understand why we are doing something, we are more likely to do it. If it fits in or around our current busy lives, we are more likely to stick to it. That's why we start by teaching the basic proven facts around fat loss, nutrition, physical activity. Not a fad diet in sight! We then work together to produce a plan that fits with your weekly schedule and get results. 

Before and After weightloss
Before and after fatloss
  • Take Back Control Of Your Weight - FOREVER
  • Regain Your Body Confidence
  • Boost Your Energy And Productivity
  • Get Fit & Healthy In A Fun & Sustainable Way
  • Reach Your Goals Whatever They Are - Lose Weight, Run That 5km /10km / Marathon, Climb That Hill
  • Have The Tools And Knowledge To Carry This On Forever! 


The next move is to fill out my application form by clicking the button below. This gives me an insight into your current situation, your struggles and goals. We will then schedule a time for a call suitable to you, during which we can talk about the information you have provided, what programme you might need and whether we feel we are a good fit for each other to get the results you desire. 

This is an important part of the process so please be truthful and detailed in your answers. 



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